Once I was a neuroscientist, now I'm a farmer

I grew up in a small city apartment with a tiny garden. I dug my first potato aged 21 and grew my first broad bean at 28.  6 years ago, I was working in a lab at Oxford University researching the earliest stages of brain development: hardly the CV of your standard farmer.  Then again, Oxford Garden Farms is hardly your standard farm.  I have been growing my own food since moving to Headington 10 years ago. There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh vegetables, especially when you have spent many months tending and nurturing the plant from seed grown just metres from your kitchen table.  I also get great pleasure from sharing my produce, and providing for my family. I soon began to dream of turning my passion into a business.

To me Oxford Garden Farms isn’t just a farm. It is about developing a more environmentally sustainable model for local food production while also fostering a connection to the land and our local community.  People who let me farm their back-gardens get free vegetables, a beautifully cultivated garden and the satisfaction of being part of a community. People who buy our produce get delicious, locally grown food direct from the farmer (me!) while also reducing their carbon footprint.

I get to satisfy my true passions – farming and providing food. Truly the good life!

Oliver Voss, January 2018, Headington